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Okay, okay.... we know you might have some questions. Click on the questions below to find the answer ye seek.

01. Why a quiz night trivia challenge?

Everyone loves trivia! Trivia games shows are some of the most popular on television. The quiz night is one of the most popular events in Irish and English pubs.

Our live, interactive quiz experience creates a friendly competitive environment that keeps regular teams and competitors coming back week after week to top the other competitors or keep their title of quiz night champs!

Each event attracts a fairly regular crowd of 40 - 100+ people each week to compete and test their wits and drink with their friendly competitors.

Our quiz packs cover a wide array of topics to please everyone, including but not limited to:

• General knowledge
• Entertainment
• History
• Sports
• Literature
• Science and Nature
• Music
• and much more!

So, why a PubTrivia competition? Because it is fun for your customers and it is
profitable for you!

02. We already have a quiz night, why order from you?

So, you already have a trivia night and wonder what we can do for you, huh?

In addition to freeing up the quizmaster from the tedious task of constantly assembling a new quiz each and every week, the PubTrivia quiz night gives you a structured, fun, and competitive event. In addition, we provide tips and time-tested advice to make your already existing trivia night all the better.

In a nutshell, we make what you do good, better! (And you work a lot less!)

03. What equipment do we need?

We recommend a good p.a. system for the quizmaster to use, which most places have anyway. This is especially handy when your venue is large.

It is also a good idea to have extra music on hand to play during the breaks and before and after the PubTrivia quiz night competition.

Now let's talk about what you don't need. With the PubTrivia quiz night you do not need expensive electronic answer boxes and multiple televisions. Unlike the electronic trivia services, our quiz is easy to play, low cast, and does not require any large fees or repairs. We provide all of the fun and none of the headaches!

Our trivia competition is set up to be more of a social event rather than individuals staring at televisions with complicated electronic boxes, being annoyed by others trying to talk to them or by background noise.
Fun for all, and all for fun!

04. What about prizes for our winners?

Prizes for the winning teams are supplied by the venue. Most pubs give out tokens for a round of free drinks and/or an appetizer for the winning team. We will supply you with these in our downloadable QuizPacks.

We also strongly recommend that you give away or appetizer giveaways in a raffle-like drawing adds even more fun for those customers who do not seem to win on a regular basis. These are usually done every two rounds or so with a drawing from a hat or pint glass with each quizzer having a raffle number (which we can supply for you if you request).

We strongly discourage giving away cash prizes as this tends to make the competition more about money and less about fun. This also tends to draw an element of "professional players" who come to win the money, spend none with you, and leave. This will also discourage would-be regular customers from returning when the same people win week after week. Remember, the goal is fun and profit!

Again, this is at your sole discretion, but we have found the above tips have proven successful, drinks or a food prize are inexpensive to give away and lead to more profit for you and a great time by your quizzers. That is what the PubTrivia quiz night is about -
Fun for your guests and profit for you!

05. How long does each quiz night event last?

Our formula has worked out a perfect pace that keeps players playing and challenged without rushing.

Each quiz night event can be expected to last about 2 - 2,5 hours and have short intermission time for drinks and food to be purchased by your guests.

If the quiz is too fast, people come and go without much money being spent. If it is too long, they tend to become restless. Our perfectly-paced formula gives them a challenging night out at a leisurely pace to enjoy your fine bar and kitchen offerings and yet not be "out too late".

Again, the PubTrivia quiz night provides you with full details to make the quiz night a hit with you and your guests!

06. How do we promote our quiz night?

Each downloadable QuizPack contains a full color poster which you can customize with your required details lightning fast! Also included is our digi-pack to promote your event on your website or in your newsletter.

All you have to do is put the posters out in plain view and get your staff to tell everyone about your upcoming launch of the PubTrivia quiz night in your venue.

The quiz itself will grow over time, growing each week as word-of-mouth spreads and people develop their teams. The quiz usually takes between 3 - 7 weeks to really build a solid, returning crowd hooked on the quiz night concept. Most venues find it pays for itself right away, but in the first few weeks it will grow even bigger and bigger!

Patience and determination is the key.
Remember, all the posters and flyers in the world cannot equal what good enthusiastic staffers and word-of-mouth advertising can do!

07. What are the ideal team sizes?

Aaah, that age old question: "Does size really matter?". Well, in a word, yes!

Although the team sizes for your particular quiz are at your discretion, we suggest you limit the size of each team to 5 people maximum. Four to five people tends to be an ideal size per table and if a few teams have 3 or so they are not at a great disadvantage.

We have found that this seems to work best and gives a balance to the competing teams. If some teams have a greater number of players that others the scores are also unbalanced and this tends to discourage some from playing week after week if they cannot get more team members.

Balance is the key to a great PubTrivia quiz night.

08. How do you make sure we get unique quiz packets?

Well, we could tell ya. But we'd have to kill ya... hehe.

But seriously folks, we keep extensive records at quiz central including what numbered quizzed have been used at what venues so that there is never a repeat and you always get a fresh and challenging PubTrivia quiz night program from us week after week.
That is... if you'll take a QuizPack subscription with us.

We currently have over 700,000 unique quiz questions and over 1,000 unique and challenging quiz night programs in our database to ensure that you will never have the same quiz packet, audio, or visual rounds that you have had previously.

Keeping all those records is just another aspect of our service to you. It's a dirty job, but someone has to do it!

When ordering downloadable QuizPacks through our website, please check the Quiz-id# on any previous ordered QuizPacks to avoid ordering duplicates.

09. Can we request custom-themed quizzes?

While our quiz night programs are varied and challenging, we can, in fact craft custom programs for you. Although we have custom theme nights for holidays, some people want a unique program for a special treat.

At a small extra cost, we can put our quiz team researchers to work to come up with a unique custom-themed quiz night program for you.

"Want an all baseball quiz night program? We can create a program that is a home run!"

"Want a movie madness quiz night? You get the popcorn, we will get the quiz together!"

"Want a quiz night program on hispanic culture? No problemo, amigo!"

Is Austin Powers your bag, baby? We will get together a shagadelic quiz night program that will make Dr. Evil smile!

DO you want... okay, you get the picture! Yes, we will craft special quiz night programs to fit your needs.
Contact us about pricing plans.

10. What software do I need to open the QuizPacks?

All our downloadable QuizPacks are ZIP compressed, so you'll need unzip software (for PC users), if you are using a Mac the software is included in OSX. The quiz files themselves are in pdf format. You can download Acrobat Reader for free here. If you are using a Mac, you can also use the Preview app that came with your OS.

Quiz specials

Special quizzes